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Access control with attendance, Automatic gate and barriers
There are various advantages with a proper time and attendance system.  Accurate pay and award interpretation reduce payroll errors, reduced administration, reduce absenteeism, reduce payroll costs through reduced overtime, increase productivity, reduce risk of non compliance, increased staff empowerment and motivation are some of the advantages.
We provide digital door lock and stand alone access control based on the latest biometric ‘finger print’ scanning and ‘access card’ technology.  Time attendance tracking is essential to monitor the attendance level of each employee and it will facilitate to increase the productivity of employees.  We believe that the employees are a main asset of any establishment and we provide easy and powerful software customizable to the requirement of the client to observe the performance level of employees.
We offer safety, practicality, elegance and an environmentally friendly solution to all automation requirements such as Automatic gates and Barriers with array of benefits for many and varied projects.
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