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Telephony, PABX System and Audio Video Intercoms
A PABX system can help your business have a much more professional image than someone calling and having their call answered by an automated answering machine. A good PABX can connect home-based workers, field personnel, and other offices into one seamless system.
AL MADA offers latest technology solutions for Telephony, PABX and Audio/Video intercom systems to facilitate high quality communication. PABX can provide enough extensions with separate numbers that directly receives calls without reaching the operator or answering machine.  This process guarantees more attention to customers and clients. 
PABX can be used for paging facility that acts as an intercom.   In many modern systems, the paging function is integrated into the PABX, and allows announcements to be played over the phone speakers.
AL MADA presents the most modern solution VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) that allows the client to use telephony service with the use of an internet connection instead of local telephone service provider.  Lower cost is a reason of users to prefer VOIP rather than traditional phoning methods and most of well established organizations run their call centre application via VOIP.  The clients can utilize the existing network capacity to run VOIP without any extra cost.   Increased functionality also encourages the people to move to VOIP which makes some functionality easier than traditional networks.  Incoming calls can be routed automatically to VOIP where ever you plug into the network and it is an extra advantage.
These advantages of a good telephony and PABX system is offered competently by Al Mada…the name you can rely on.
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