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CCTV and Security System
Surveillance cameras have redefined security and protection of homes and businesses. The range and options of surveillance cameras available in the marketplace has encouraged their deployment in more locations, areas and facilities. The latest advances in security cameras and surveillance systems have elevated levels of security monitoring and management and enforcement.
AL MADA provides CCTV monitoring system with digital recording and remote access.  Security cameras are not used just in banks or supermarkets anymore, in fact CCTV is being used to monitor and safeguard your home or business operations.  These days our PC based or stand alone DVR systems could be viewed remotely from anywhere in the world by various mobile phones like Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad and window based cell phones.  Some of the systems support live streaming camera viewing and PTZ camera control while some other systems deliver remote playback.
We are always connected with the latest developments in the field and offer the best.
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