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Al Maasa Electronic & Cooling Systems
We do installation, design and maintenance of ACs for small houses, big villas and commercial buildings. Air Conditioners are available in different price ranges and capacities. There are various types of ACs such as floor standing air conditioners, window ac, split ac, evaporative air coolers, solar air conditioners, and many more. An ac should be choosen by taking into account the cooling capacity of the ac and the electricity consumed. The AC system should be is installed properly depending on the size of the building so that it operates with maximum efficiency. We will assist you select and install the right AC.

Properly maintained air conditioners save a lot of money on your electricity bills. The air conditioner also consists of the ducts for the entry and the exit of the air and they are to be cleaned after regular intervals. Therefore, regular maintenance of AC is important for your health. Our technicians have the experience, skills and tools to detect and fix all problems related to air-conditioning systems.

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